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About RioCan


The company-developer of the Spring Farm Condos, RioCan was founded in 1993. Since then, it has established itself as a reliable developer that has developed mixed-use buildings, shopping centers and condos in the Canadian market. The company is guided by the philosophy of its founder, Mr. Ed Sonshine, it is a transparent, responsive and fair mutually beneficially cooperation between the company itself and the client.  It is anchored by the building of strong partnerships with its clients, a thing that is proving beneficial to the company expansion strategies.


The RioCan Company specializes in the construction of large shopping malls, different objects of municipal importance, and multifamily houses, or condominiums. The company-developer makes everything possible to gain only strong and reliable relationships in order to produce the most enjoyable experiences for their future tenants and shoppers.


RioCan is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) company. That means that investors can have benefits when buying such accommodations in the preconstruction phase. REIT guarantees the high dividend yields for their investors.

RioCan Spring Farm Condos

Why RioCan

As a development company, RioCan relies on its experience to meet the needs of tenants looking for new stores or retail outlet. They built properties meant to meet the needs of the ever-changing Toronto market. The focus is to offer properties that are environmentally friendly but designed to meet the needs of clients. As the company is not new in the market of real estate not only in Canada but also on a line of towns and cities throughout the North America, they are confident in their own ability to build strong relationships with their clients in their wishes to construct really high-quality buildings of best eco-materials. RioCan tries to combine the best of two worlds – the experience and responsibility of a large developer, and the involvement and personal care of a small construction company.

The Social Responsibility of the Developer

RioCan supports numerous philanthropic organizations, as helping other people is one of the main tasks of the company. They support mainly those organizations, which help children, those, who deal with medical charities. The company helps not only with their financial resources but also with human help and space resources. The workers of the company believe that giving back to society is very important, as it will return to benefits for the people, as well as for the employees, and the trust on the whole.

The management of the company

The secret of their prosperity is in the coherent leadership, and in the consolidation of all forces for gaining a success. The senior team uses all their experience and skills for the company to succeed. They management style and strong leadership help the RioCan company to stay one of the leading construction companies in Canada.